Engage Your Customers in a Battle of Wits

Engage Your Customers in a Battle of Wits

Line up a pub trivia MC in New Franklin, OH and the surrounding Northeast Ohio area

Everyone loves bar trivia, but if the sound quality is so bad that you can’t hear the questions, it can quickly lose its appeal. The pub trivia MC from 2-Step Entertainment comes with all the right equipment, so everyone in the bar can hear clearly.

Your guests will enjoy testing their knowledge about all kinds of fun categories and themes. Try your hand at categories like:

  • Name that tune
  • Movie minutiae
  • Television trivia
  • General knowledge
  • Audio-only

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Host memorable events at your venue with our MC services

No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, it will benefit from our MC services. Get more patrons into your bar or restaurant by planning trivia nights complete with our MC at the helm.

The best part about trivia contests? No one has to leave their seat. Participants can remain comfortable the whole time and still compete allowing them to order more food and drinks from their seat.

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